The Global Investment Attraction Group is a tightly-knit highly experienced team especially constituted to deliver comprehensive multi-year investment attraction and retention strategies and action plans for Canadian economic development agencies.


The team draws together seasoned economic development and investment attraction professionals with in-depth front-line operational involvement at the Federal, provincial and municipal levels.  The team members have undertaken extensive and varied sector and targeting analyses; have pioneered collaborative investment attraction approaches and landed new investments and business expansions. 

The Group has a bias toward action and is familiar with the global arenas best suited to targeting prospects, locational criteria, business's motivations and the factors driving decisions.

Our approach takes a long hard look at each community and its assets from the perspective of investment attraction:

  • What are the competitive strengths and how can these be leveraged and weaknesses mitigated?
  • Is there a clear value proposition or business case to invite the interest of investors, including foreign firms?
  • Are the opportunities near-term or longer term?


  • What needs to be done -- and realistically can be done -- to strengthen opportunities and increase investment readiness?
  • Are there demonstrable advantages for a new company to establish a physical presence in the community from a market perspective and for access to technology, knowledge and talent?


Our typical deliverables for a multi-year investment attraction and retention strategy and action plan centre on effective lead generation and include:

  • reassessment and refinement of local and regional sector priorities to reflect global FDI realities;
  • an in-depth SWOT Analysis, and development of strong value propositions/business case for investment; 
  • detailed action plans by target sector, including specific actions, priority, timing, resources, cost, team lead and key partners;


  • a readiness scorecard for investment attraction and an inventory of needed investment attraction-related marketing collateral;
  • realistic and results-oriented performance criteria; and
  • post-project support -- we provide ongoing implementation advice on completion of the strategy at no cost.


Members of the team have undertaken projects that deliver multi-year strategies and action plans, assess global FDI trends, establish sector and geographic priorities, articulate sector value propositions, recommend optimal lead generation initiatives, identify and qualify prospects, evaluate incentive competition, develop multi-dimensional aftercare initiatives, and highlight the availability of R&D and innovation assets such as post-secondary educational institutions and specific projects.